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How about spending your next summer holiday on a luxury yacht in Bodrum or Antalya with truly timeless and wondrous natural beauties? Turkey’s coastlines offer a wide range of sights and tastes to seafaring guests, as well as crystal clear blue seas.

With Diva Yachting you can enjoy the exclusive yacht charter service in Bodrum or Antalya. As Diva Yachting, we will recommend the most suitable yacht for you and your needs from a variety of options. Most likely, these will be sailboats; they are not fast, but this makes them the best for those who want to travel and explore the sea, islands and coast. For example, in Bodrum and Antalya there are many ports and bays where these boats can anchor. This is why most people prefer sailing when renting a yacht. You can also rent a monohull (single hull traditional sailboat) or a catamaran (double hull).

Catamarans are a little more relaxing and suitable for inexperienced sailors (which is especially important in shallow water), with plenty of deck space, living space and easy entry and exit if you want to swim. A good choice if you like a regular alternative motor yacht and speed. These yachts have one to three cabins and can take you quickly from one island to another. Depending on your budget, you can charter a luxury motor yacht, a sailing yacht, a gulet or even a small cruise ship. You can choose a boat with a gym, high speed internet, spa and other amenities.

Rent luxury yachts in Bodrum and Antalya to spend more quality and fun time with Diva Yachting, your trip will become interesting and unforgettable. A luxurious yachting holiday is waiting for you, which we plan with the utmost care so that you are completely relaxed and entertained.

If you prefer a classic getaway like staying in a hotel and meeting new people, you can rent a cabin on the boat and enjoy it. You can contact our team for other rental options. 90% of our clients have no knowledge of sailing and our job is to provide you with all the information you need about your dream yacht. Our goal and motivation is to stand out with our experience and integrity in doing business with a dedicated staff devoted to providing you with a wonderful cruise and quality yacht charter vacation.

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