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In Antalya Diva Yachting, it is possible to find rental boats / yachts from almost every coastal district of Antalya, as it is a city rich in touristic ports. Some of these boats are privately used, and some are daily or overnight rentals. There is luxury yacht charter service suitable for everyone in yacht/boat archive. There are also magnificent megayachts for those looking for luxury, wooden gulets for those who like simplicity.

Yacht charter process in Antalya is not as complicated as it is expected. Because all the basic steps necessary for the guests to safely rent the boat they like are carried out by the authorized person who rented the boat. The only thing left to the guests is to like the boat and contact the authorized agency for that boat. The simple basic process to follow for guests who want to rent a boat in Antalya works as follows:

Search is made by boat location from the boat archive. After choosing between the options, the authorized agency for the boat is contacted.

The agency checks the availability of the boat for the specified date and gives a positive or negative feedback to the requestor about the availability. If the boat is available, price information is given.

If the guest finds the boat and the price suitable, a reservation is made with a prepayment determined by the agency. Depending on the intensity of the rental period of the boat, this prepayment may be the whole price or a part of it.

You can search with the boat search smart form just above to take your place among hundreds of satisfied customers who rented boats from the website

If you wish to enjoy Antalya luxury yacht charter service even more, you can join with your friends and you can take the route of fun activities such as barbecue party, as we will take the route of the magnificent bays. In Antalya luxury yacht charter service, you can make an appointment to explore many bays or call us to get detailed information about the price.

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